English Language Tutorials - Support - all the way.
"The English language is today the accepted global language and is the passport to opportunity."
This may be true but learning any language is not an easy matter. Even if you are a native speaker it is not easy to become an expert in English.  
Our aim is to make your journey easier. We realise that overcoming the obstacles and becoming expert in English needs the guidance of someone with skill and also an atmosphere that is encouraging and supportive. 
We are fully trained English as Second Language teachers (ESL).
We also have experience teaching English to native speakers (Language, Literacy & Numeracy).
And we have experience teaching reading, phonics, speech and drama to primary and secondary school students.
  • We provide individual and group lessons at reasonable rates
  • Lessons are carried out in the comfortable studio in our own home.
  • We are within easy distance of both train and bus and can be easily accessed from the city-centre and northside of Brisbane.
  • We provide help with all skills - writing, reading, speaking and listening - and have experience in improving pronunciation and intonation
  • Don't forget to look at our blog where we put all sorts of articles about the English language
  • We are members of these professional associations:

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